Excellent service. The wait staff was very attentive to the instructions on my order.
Food was great as usual, but the restaurant keeps charging me approximately $3.00 more than the price indicated on BeyondMenu and states the prices on BeyondMenu are incorrect. This really needs to be addressed!
Honestly, the sushi here is delicious. I've ordered pickup from them many times now, and their food is always excellent. Classic sushi and even some special saucey sushi, all of them good, all of them inexpensive. Their service for pickup orders is generally pretty fast, I order 20 minutes ahead of time and pick it up and it's usually ready on arrival. I'd rate this place a 5 stars easily, but I give it 4 stars because there is a single employee/manager who's been in charge a few times I've gone, who, for some reason, never has my order ready when I arrive. On several occasions, I'd order 20 to 30 minutes early, and arrive to only have to wait 20 more minutes. They're always courteous and apologize for the wait, but this only happens with that one manager. They blame how busy it is in there sometimes, but most of the time it's pretty empty and I've seen them a lot busier and gotten faster service, so I don't know. Their other manager is lightning quick, knows my face, is always in good spirits, and always has my order ready before I even arrive. To summarize, delicious food, inexpensive prices, always worth the wait, friendly, but some specific employees could do for faster service. I know this sounds like a negative review, but honestly there's nothing more to say about the quality of their food. It's just great and cheap. I'm not the kind of person to complain or even single out a specific employee, but I've had issues every single time that one manager is on duty, and I've only had issues with that manager. Everybody and everything else is great.
Great service!
Sushi Express is one of our favorite places to have lunch. They have a great selection of sushi and all the ingredients are fresh. Ordering take out is super easy with little to no wait time.
The food is always great at Sushi Express, but I had issues with them trying to up charge the price for my order. The total with tax included was $35.47, but they tried to charge me $39.91 stating the prices in the restaurant were different from the website. This is unacceptable and Sushi Express should update their prices on BeyondMenu.
This was my first time ordering on BeyondMenu. Sushi Express is awesome! My order was prepared quickly and accurately.
Reasonably priced, great food and wonderful customer service
great food as always
The food is always Excellent!
Tasted as good as always, however I was disappointed in that the size of both the salmon sashimi and the rolls were so much smaller! Also, the drinks to go are only baby sized, which isn't indicated on the menu.
The food is consistently Tasty. I pre order and it's ready when I get there.
Any questions please call us.